Pop! – Final Project

Description: Pop! is a game where users use their mouse to pop bubbles on their screen. There are 3 levels: easy, moderate, and hard. The bubbles get smaller and greater in quantity as the levels increase in difficulty. When your mouse comes into contact with a bubble, it disappears with a "pop" sound.* When you complete … Continue reading Pop! – Final Project


Project 2: Data Visualization

Description: A data visualization of a weekly weather forecast in Paris, France. The information in the white box displays data from the "condition" entry, which describes the current weather condition. The bottom half of the design displays data from the "forecast" entry. The line graph represents a weekly forecast. The points plotted are the highs for … Continue reading Project 2: Data Visualization

Exercise 5: Visual Poetry

Description: Randomly spaced hash symbols slowly move across the canvas from left to right. Placed front and center is a white box and the text #hashtag. Tips for user: If the hash pattern makes it all the way across the screen and disappears, refresh the page to bring it back. Finished code: http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/full/BkDRAx16-  I started this project with … Continue reading Exercise 5: Visual Poetry

Project 1: Generative Art

Description: An evenly spaced stripe pattern makes up the background. When your mouse hovers over a stripe, it changes random colors. Meanwhile, two nested squares rotate around the center of the canvas. Tips for user: Move your mouse over the stripe pattern to see the rainbow colors follow your movement. Finished code: https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/full/HkUux8SnW https://youtu.be/OL46qDKu3lc Developing a Concept: I … Continue reading Project 1: Generative Art