Ethnographic Research Article

1. The article says to include extreme and analogous subjects and environments when conducting ethnographic research.  What are examples of analogous college students? Perhaps students with disabilities, from foreign countries, or that are outside the 18-22 age range…?

2. In the section titled 8. Collaboration with consumers and customers Netflix and Jones Soda are mentioned for “the impact [they] have made on the established players in their industries.”  I am not familiar with Jones Soda, so first of all what is it? Secondly, this article was written in 2006 so what impact is it referring to when it mentions Netflix? Are they referencing how they shipped DVDs directly to your house?

3. Section #8 focuses on having a dialogue between consumers and the company.  This made me think of Lays potato chips.  They have these contests called “Do Us A Flavor” where people submit flavors to be made into chips. These entries are narrowed down by the company and then voted on by anyone on the Lays website.  The wining flavors are turned into real chips that people can buy.  It allows consumers to have direct input in product development, keeping Lays relevant and exciting.


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