Learning through Audio

This post on 99u.com exposed me to podcasts.  I know I’m a little late in the game (podcasts have been around for awhile) but I never thought to give them a listen.  That is, until I read this post.

I’m a visual person, so audio content tends to be my second choice to video content.  However, after trying the Umano iPhone app, as suggested by 99u, I realized the perks of listening and learning audibly.

  1. I am able to rest my eyes.  I spend way too many hours a day squinting at a bright screen.  Audio content gives my eyeballs a much needed break.
  2. I enjoyed listening before bed.  Laying in bed is an example of what 99u refers to as “time confetti.”  This downtime that we usually spend scrolling through social media and emails could actually be an opportunity to learn something.  Umano has tons of great informative topics.  I liked taking in information this way before bed because I turned off my lights and got comfortable.  My ears did all the work while my face was submerged in my pillow.
  3. I wasn’t distracted by how people look.  When watching video content, words can get lost by visual distractions.  With podcasts, there are no distractions and the message can more easily get through to you.  I didn’t waste time making judgements about looks; I really heard what was being said.

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