Poster for the event
Poster for the event designed by Amanda Bentley

Not All Artists Are Starving was an awesome event put together by Hofstra’s Association of Graphic Artists (otherwise known as HAGA).  We were introduced to three Hofstra alumni, Nicole Barth, Andrew Askedall, and Steven Gianaca. All three speakers are 5-10 years post graduation and professionals in the design field.  It was really inspiring for me as a design student to hear their stories.  We learned what their average work day was like, how they wound up at their jobs, and what particular college experiences prepared them for their careers.  I thought it was interesting that Steven said being an RA prepared him for his work because he learned how to deal with all different kinds of people.  I think this is great social skill to have in the workplace, but also just in everyday life.  I really enjoyed listening to the panel speak, not only for their advice but also for getting a feel for their personalities.  They are all very different from one another and I kind of loved it.  It shows that you don’t have to fit a particular mold to be a successful designer; in fact, I think it’s what makes you different that leads you to success.  I thought HAGA did a really great job putting the event together.  It was a valuable experience for me and I really learned a lot.


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