I started my research on a blog titled “60 awesome packaging designs

Here are some of my favorites:

These packaging of these paintbrushes use the bristles of the brush as an active part of the design. I love how they use what’s already a part of the product and showcase it in a funny, inventive way. It makes me think about displaying whatever product I choose through the packaging in a similar way.
Similar to the paintbrushes, these lightbulb packages also incorporate the product as an integral part of their design. Here the light bulbs are bodies of hand drawn insects on each box. I think the illustrations are beautifully done and the boxes do a great job at showcasing the product.
This packaging for spaghetti turns ordinary pasta into a NYC skyscraper (I’m assuming it’s the Empire State Building). A carefully measured platform inside the bottom of the box allows the spaghetti to take on this shape. Again, I love how the product itself is making the package design what it is. It’s very fun and smart.
When I saw these packages, I had no idea what they were selling. My first thought was cosmetics. They resemble eyeshadow palettes to me. Actually, though, these are cases for a series of typography films. Honestly I like the concept for eyeshadow though! Imaging them as a compact, I love how the “eyeshadow” takes on an interesting shape. I think it’s a very clean design, but not at all boring. I get a serpent snake kind of feeling that I’m very into.

I’ve decided that I want to design cosmetics packaging, at least for the one set of comps.  I want to make a set of eyeshadow palettes.  There will be four compacts that are each a quad of eyeshadow colors.  I want to capture the mood of each word (Temperance, Prudence, etc.) and choose the colors of the eyeshadow colors accordingly.  In my mind, I want the eyeshadows to be in the standard circular pans in a grid formation, but I may end up going a more creative route like the Typography Film Cases above.

These are two Mac eyeshadow quads that have the standard grid layout I mentioned.  I like that there are four eyeshadows in each palette because it ties back to the name “Four Virtues” even when it stands on its own.
These palettes are by the brand Stila.  The collection of the four palettes are called “Eyes are the Window”.  The individual palettes, which have their own distinct color schemes, are titled “Mind”, “Body”, “Soul”, and “Spirit.”  I will be taking a very similar approach in my designs by creating four palettes under one collection. However, I want to differentiate my packages more and include more of a story on each of them.  These palettes differ from each other in a more subtle way; the finish of the metal on each palette leans either more gold or more rose gold. (Maybe not, though; it might just be the photograph that makes the metal look different in each palette)

This blog post has a thorough review of the above Stila palettes, and includes pictures of the packaging.

I want the overall feel of the packaging to be old, mystical, and Classical.  When I Google images searched “the four virtues” this painting came up as a majority of the results:the-four-cardinal-virtues

I’m not sure who painted it but they look like classical Greek goddesses.  I want to incorporate that theme into my designs because the idea of the Four Virtues is very old and there is a beauty in its history.  Their origin goes back to Antiquity with Plato.


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