I wasn’t sure where to research for examples of Display Design. I knew I wanted to see some kiosks/displays in person, but the only ones I came across were product displays and plan-o-grams. I went to ShopRite and The Vitamin Shoppe and took some pictures of displays that I found interesting or helpful. I even found value in an ATM on the street and a RedBox machine. In addition to these displays that I physically saw myself, I looked at some images online. I tried finding different structural shapes and architectural elements that I could incorporate into my group’s kiosk design.

My findings:

Online examples of kiosk design:

After interviewing Professor Luttropp in class, Jesus and I decided to interview some students from Graphic Design Advanced I for further insight about the program. Below is a transcript of the interview. I highlighted some key points in yellow and blue.


I also started reading some articles about kiosk design, but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for and don’t entirely apply to this project. They can be found here and here. But regardless, some key points I took away from my readings are:

  • Reliability and ease of use are essential for any kiosk.
  • Consistency and convenience are important for the customer/viewer/participant.
  • Applications of software and technology have to be as intuitive as possible because customers are not trained before using them. Usage needs to come naturally and easily.
  • A definition: an information kiosk is a public stand that supplies text, graphics, video, animation, and sound information to the user.
  • The nature of an informational kiosk demands fast, accurate information delivered via a user-friendly interface.

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