I printed out a pile of images that I found while researching. I took notes on them, pointing out what aspects of the designs I found valuable and interesting enough to include in our kiosk design. Below are the notes I took and some sketches I made.

As a group, our ideas started to flow pretty quickly. We decided we wanted a neutral, monochromatic color palette for both designs. The only real color we wanted to include was the student work itself. As we were talking, Tori took out a notepad and sketched for us. Below are some of those sketches:

In the end, we decided on two designs. The first, more conservative design is based on the sketch below. It will be an open cylinder shape that people can walk inside. It will be made out of formica.


The second design will be made of glass. Inside the glass box will be a white display case made out of formica featuring student work. The back of the kiosk will be a two way mirror, so when you are looking at the student work from the front, there will be a transparent background behind it. On the reflective mirror side, there will be printed text that says “The future of design” and the viewer will see a reflection of themselves below it. There will be steel borders and accents around the perimeter. We will also feature a video screen with handphones  on the sides of the case so people can watch a video about the program and hear what’s being said. The image below is what served as our inspiration:



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