Assignment: Create a new letter of the alphabet and integrate it into an existing font so well that you don’t notice it at first glance.

I chose the font American Typewriter. I started my process with some sketches. I had the alphabet laid out in front of me (set in American Typewriter) and started combining letters that I thought looked interesting together.


I digitized my drawings in Illustrator. I continued to experiment with different letter combinations. The following letters are variations on the letters z, r, p, e, l , u, t, j, d, f, a, and o.


The hardest part of this exercise was making sure the new letter blended in with the existing alphabet. I had trouble positioning it in a natural way. We know the alphabet so well that any kind of addition looks out of place.

This placement of my letter, for example, “sticks out like a sore thumb” according to Prof. Polokov.


Final Comps:

Create a Letter- American Typewriter-01Create a Letter- American Typewriter-03Create a Letter- American Typewriter-02


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