Working with a group, we chose a website to redesign. We then chose a site that is similar and a site that acts as a “virus.”  The “virus” will infect our chosen site with a new feature which will be featured in our redesign.

Original Ideas-01

PDF Version: Original Ideas

We chose Option 2 from our Brainstorming session.

Core Site: Airbnb

Similar Site: Travelocity

Disruptor Site:

Next, we needed to research these sites. We made accounts and explored as many pages as we could. We studied the layouts, color schemes, navigation, functionality, and personality of each site.







Some takeaways:

  • Airbnb is very simplistic. We want to keep its minimal design and clean look.
  • Travelocity has a LOT going on. Each page feels kind of cluttered and it’s hard to focus. We want to avoid this.
  • We won’t be using’s aesthetics, but the key thing to take from this company is the concept. We took note of the kind of care that is provided by the site, including childcare, senior care, and pet care (among others). We want to offer different kinds of care in our redesign.
  • We want this redesign to benefit disabled people. This would give them more independence to go on vacation and travel on their own terms.
  • Sean had the brilliant idea of calling our new feature Carebnb.



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