We cut and pasted elements from each site to create collages. These collages represented the basic functionality of our redesigned site.

After creating these collages and having a discussion with the class, there was a lot of confusion about our site. People were confused about the purpose and how getting care worked. What audience were we targeting? Where would the care take place? How would we get caretakers? Who would approve them? How do you find what you need in easiest way possible? One button we included on the collage search bar was “Find Care” and this caused havoc. I think this is what threw people off the most. We realized we needed to reign our ideas in and form a solid foundation of logic and design.

To achieve this, we all sat down together and I sketched out basic frames for 5 of the main pages on our site. We followed these frames as guides when creating our next round of comps.


Each group member then created their own digital comps using Photoshop and Illustrator. The following are our first attempts:






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