First I experimented with different styles for the Intro Pages of each speech. I used my shortest speech (Susan B. Anthony) and my longest speech (Lynden B. Johnson) as examples.

Next, I chose one style that I liked best and applied it to all five speeches.

After that, I started experimenting with how the bulk of each speech would be laid out. The following spreads are examples of this.

For my Table of Contents, I wanted to stay consistent to the style of my title pages for each speech. The following sketch is some ideas I had for the layout.

Scan 1

This is what I came up with:Table of Contents

These sketches show some ideas for my front cover. I was referring to the title pages in the upper left hand corner of this sketch so I could keep that in mind when designing the cover.

Scan 2

Here is a few attempts digitizing the cover:

Finally, when I was piecing all the pages together, I needed to establish some rules. I made sure to write down the size of the text frame, the margins, and where guides should be placed. Consistency was my goal.

Scan 8


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