I furthered my research on hair salon websites. Here are some that I looked at and took direction from:

Dlala Salon. This site has great personality. Prof. Li showed me this so I could understand how to let a business’s personality shine through in its website. It’s fun and representative of the salon’s atmosphere.

Vacancy. Prof. Li also showed me this site. I appreciate the clean design and took special attention to their header and footer. I like their use of white, negative space and minimal color palette. The black against the white gives good contrast.

To further understand the way this site is laid out, I sketched it. I like doing this because the process makes me notice small details and understand the site’s grid structure. I get a lot more out of it compared to just taking screenshots.

vacancy salon research.PNG

Ulta.com. The page displaying their Menu for beauty services peaked my interest. I want to use this same technique for my menu of services.

I sketched a copy of Ulta’s site like I did with Vacancy’s to understand its structure better:

ulta.com research.PNG

I sketched out some ideas on how to display my menu. One is based off of Dlala’s site and one is based off of Ulta’s.


Keith Kristofer. I like the way this site displays its photo gallery. I like that the pictures take up the majority of the screen and are surrounded by negative space. The numbering underneath the images is also nice. It’s more effective than using dots because you can remember which photo you left off on much easier.



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