My booklet is titled “From Here to There: A Journey Skin Deep”

In this booklet, I focus on my skin. I talk about my changing relationship with my skin over the years, how it has affected my attitude and outlook, my battle with self-acceptance, painful breakouts, feelings of fear and embarrassment, and finally healing and gratefulness. My skin has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts; in the past year it has totally transformed. SO this journey is “skin deep” meaning I visually look different, but i also feel very different on the inside.

The booklet will be separated into four parts:

  • Part One: Freckles
  • Part Two: Acne
  • Part Three: Accutane
  • Part Four: Resolution

The following sketches are me brainstorming and writing out exactly what I want to portray. Some small sketches are included, as well, to reference some visuals I want to include.

Things I knew I wanted to include in the book:

  • Photographs of my skin, transforming over the years
  • Close up photos showcasing my freckles
  • Blatant photos of my acne, which I normally don’t share with anyone
  • Progress photos of my skin while taking Accuatne, an intense acne medication
  • Comparison photos showing then and now

I took a LOT of photos of my skin in hopes of creating interesting images that really show off the state of my skin. I wanted to crop them in exciting ways. I want to really show off my skin’s texture and color. I needed to convey some emotion, as well. Some photos show me smiling at the camera, which is how I feel now when I see my bare skin. Some show me looking away and feeling defeated, which is how I felt when my acne was really bad.

I also took some photos of my makeup and skincare products. I want to include these images (or I may create illustrations based on these photos) to show how many products I was using to either combat my acne or cover it up completely.

As for the cover, I created three versions because I wasn’t sure what photograph looked the best.


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