The following is what I was able to achieve in the time given: From Here to There PDF


I have big plans for this booklet and will definitely keep designing through the summer. Although I wish I had something more complete at the time being, I have a plan for what the future of this book will look like. I think this is going to be a big project that frankly needs a lot more time to create.

After our critique, I wrote down what I plan to do with this book:

Scan 7.png

I want to:

  • Get better photographs of my freckles. My freckles get much darker than they are right now but I need to be out in the sun for this to happen. I don’t want any of the photos in this booklet to be of someone else’s skin, like it currently is on “Part Two: Freckles”. It needs to be all me.
  • Take high quality photos of my shoulders and back– not something taken by me at a funny angle. I want to compare these images to the image I have from prom where there is acne all down my shoulders.
  • I want to include a collage or illustrated text that portrays beauty ideals from society and the media. Sayings like “Clear, beautiful skin” and “Wash away dirt and oil”. I want to show that the skin care industry makes it sound like you can cure acne by simply washing your face and buying certain products, which isn’t the case. I also want to show the pressure that the beauty industry puts on women to cover up their acne and freckles. I’ll talk about how that affects my mood and behavior.
  • I want to apply emotions to each spread to describe how each stage of my “skin journey” made me feel.
  • Tori had a cool idea to feature photos I have retouched side by side with their original acne-filled versions. I mentioned that I have a lot of these photos in my iPhoto library from over the years because before I share any photo of myself, I edit out my breakouts. I have to click “revert to original” to reveal what I actually looked like at the time. This could be a powerful statement about presenting a genuine image of myself. Now I don’t feel a need to edit my photos; I’m very happy with how I look with no makeup and no Photoshop, which is a huge change from a few months ago.

My book will end with a statement about how different my life is now, and how much more positive my relationship with my skin is now that I have completed an 8 month round of Accutane, cleared my acne, and grown to appreciate the natural state of my skin. I feel transformed, grateful, and healthy in my skin.


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