Assignment: Create a skateboard deck based on a short story.

My story was “Weekend” by Ann Beattie. This story is about a man and a woman who aren’t married but live together and have two children. They don’t live a happy or fulfilling life. There is not much love between them anymore. The man in particular is depressed and hung up about not getting tenure as a college professor. To fill this void and perpetual state of unhappiness, he continually invites former female students to his home. They come for the weekend, eat dinner together, and make conversation, but the women are all taken aside, alone with the man. He proceeds to have affairs with all of them, which the mother of his children is completely aware of. She never confronts him about it and pretends that everything is okay. It’s a sad story about settling with what you have and choosing not to walk away from toxic situations. It’s also about escaping unhappy realities by focusing on new and exciting situations. The bulk of the story takes place in their house by the woods, and the affairs almost exclusively happen outside in the forest when they “go for walks” and “take hikes”.

The following sketches are some initial ideas I had for my designs. I wanted to focus on the sexual nature of the plot and the forest where it all takes place.

I wanted to incorporate watercolor in green and blue tones. I wanted this to symbolize the rain in the forest that happens at the height of the story. I included references to trees and to visualizations of the affair happening. Watercolor Line Drawing Comps-01

I wanted to portray the affair happening in front of the woman’s eyes. She sees the signs, like the playful and animated conversation and the looks they give each other, but she refuses to address it outright.

Watercolor Line Drawing Comps-02

I created these line drawings by using the pen tool to trace over photographs of people.

Moving forward, I wanted to create more of a landscape. I used ink to create a moody atmosphere because the story is pretty twisted. When I brought the image into Photoshop, I colorized it.

black ink treesgreen ink trees


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