Project 02_The Day’s Forecast

The first step in animating a weather report was finding a weather report! The video below was posted on News 12 NJ’s website. I watched it a number of times and then wrote down, word by word, what the weatherman was saying.


When typing the script, I broke down the words by section. I separated them by the weatherman’s pauses and pivots. I circled the sections that I thought were most important and easiest for me to visualize.

When I started storyboarding, I first went through all of my circled text from start to finish (see images below). It was too much content to work with, evidently. What I needed to do was choose a smaller body of text to work with and explore more thoroughly what I could do with those words.

weather storyboard 0

weather storyboard 1

weather storyboard 2

Here I played with the phrases “in the lower 40’s” and “in and around the upper 30’s.” I wanted to literally place the words in the bottom half of the number 40 and the upper half of the number 30.

weather storyboard 4

The following storyboards were created after narrowing my script down to the lines:
“Otherwise temperature wise right now, in the lower 40’s. You have to remember the water temperatures are still in and around the upper 30’s across most of the area, so our temperatures are slightly above the norm. We’re at 40 right now in Sussex, 44 in Newark, 40 in Clinton, Trenton’s at 41 while Jackson right coming in at around 40 degrees.”

weather storyboard 0

weather storyboard 2


Three phrases stuck out to me in this script as creative opportunities:

  1. “We’re at 40 right now in Sussex, 44 in Newark, 40 in Clinton…” This laundry list of information made me picture an actual list. His delivery wasn’t conversational here; it was very systematic.
  2. “Our temperature’s slightly above the norm.” I wanted to portray this literally with the word above sitting above the words the norm.
  3. “…across most of the area.” I wanted this phrase to take up space and physically move across most of the screen, mirroring exactly what was being said.

weather-storyboard-11-e1523239411941.jpegNext, I digitized two of my storyboards to further narrow down and realistically visualize what my animation would look like.

weather storyboard 3

weather storyboard 5

I ultimately decided to pursue this very last storyboard. I felt that the script I carefully edited down flowed in a sensible way. I tried to be concise but effective.

For visual interest and a sense of urgency, I flashed back between black and white screens. I think this makes you pay attention and stay on the edge of your seat, like you do when you watch the news. The wipes that transition from one phrase to the next represent how quickly a newscaster pivots between statements.

Below is my final video:



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